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Rumor of Escape

by Doors In The Labyrinth

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One by one like diamonds fade Closing off, sequestered We have chosen this But can we endure? Isolate ourselves from the night We begin our search For the answers For the secrets For the key A window to another world Behind the concrete maze Bolt the door, draw the curtains Pray we'll see the dawn
Shadows and reflections Memories that linger I could stay like this Mirror image laughter Fractured by the years I could stay like this Shackled by ambition Bound to my demise I could stay like this A glimmer of the future Washed out by the past I could stay like this But it's the wrong time It's the wrong place We will never meet
Through a veil of tears or rain Through a haze of blood I'm reaching out Time like liquid I drown in it I breathe it in Directionless I float It's all the same No destination No release And no ending Years mean nothing to me
The last chance has gone There is no turning back We hold dreams responsible We hold fear accountable But no one forced our hand Driven by ourselves Beyond no return Through lost passages Down the dead roads With memory of the light Filling us with hope The dark reminds us it was there We cling to the night For solace
Rumor 05:15
Watching the landscape change Waiting for my mistakes Watching the doorways fade Hanging on every word Breathing in belief That there is a way Doors where walls were gone Locked three times, but try again Egress, but it looks the same Every turn the same But never cease to change A constant rearrange A rumor of escape There is no way out
Winter 04:49
Like a tightrope Like a piano string On the precipice Staring into me My eyes reflecting What I don't want to believe It drinks the night Swallowing hope and good intentions Like a bowstring Like skin to a blade Like rope to a tree The final fall And winter brings release
Shadow of sorrow One by one they're passing on The garden of hope Yet here I wait alone Lunar ascension The breath of a stone The face of a god Or a reflection Distorted by ripples in the pool The name on the wind passes me by In the garden shadows grow Encroaching; expanding Will I ever find Forgiveness?
Let it burn Cleansing my heart Bringing peace to me Purifying Destroying all that which I do not need Emptying the corridors Down to the foundations Expanding in spirals To every changing corner No escape from the comfort of the flames In that moment everything changes Be still my raging eyes Look into the blaze For solace
Everything for a reason Every key for a door Each line in place Each moment leading ever on Without purpose, what do we share? Obfuscating words Metaphors and gestures Each motion for a reason Constructing castles In the fog of ideas So that once again light May fill our hearts Leading the way To a common end
Let it come down all around me Let worlds come to ends Let sorrow be complete Let understanding remain Until that too is gone in the flood As the piper pulls down the sky Structure and artifice collapse Nature denied what violence transcends All will be revealed after the flood When our secrets are called We stand amidst the debris And count the shattered dreams at our feet As the piper pulls down the sky Let it come down
Möbius 05:44
These things remain Cataclysms can not mar Nor hatred tarnish Nor affection wither Nothing really changes Memories remain Driven onward by emotion Gravitational pull Across centuries Time cannot change this There are no endings Only cascading beginnings Each layer reveals The same story told again
All curtains thrown back All tricks and secrets revealed The last illusion gone The sorrow remains The memory of the lost The light shines down Into every dusty corner We can never come this way again But we finally understand The veil is forever lifted Things will never be the same Hold on to what we have Watch the rising sun For solace


released July 17, 2014

Recorded live and in the studio, 2009-14
All instruments by josh

Artwork by Jess Świtalska



all rights reserved



Doors In The Labyrinth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

postgoth/darkwave from Pittsburgh

Doors In The Labyrinth is the work of josh loughrey, seeking to bring his past experiences (noise, folk, ambient, film scores, synthpop, techno) together to create dark narrative songs.

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