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Death In Paris

by Doors In The Labyrinth

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I never intended to get political with this project
That said, the environment and climate change should not be a political issue.
On June 1st the president withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement
The agreement largely stated that the world acknowledges that climate change is an issue. We are very close to making the world uninhabitable for ourselves and most of the current lifeforms that live here. It was encouragement to not make the problem worse, to try to slow the change. It wouldn't fix the problem; that step comes next. Futhermore, it encouraged the largest polluters to provide financial assistance to developing nations. Cleaner power is, right now, more expensive to build the infrastructure for. All of this was entirely voluntary, as decided by the signed nations.
Leaving the agreement says that you don't think climate change is an issue.
Leaving the agreement says that the world should fend for themselves.
Leaving the agreement is a petulant way to undo everything the previous president did. I'll not conjecture why the current one would want to do that, but it's not hard to guess.
Leaving the agreement was the wrong thing to do, because if number 1 and 2 were the real reasons, the president could have chosen to stay in and not do anything. No more payments to the climate fund (he did omit the word "climate" while describing the fund). No self-regulation with a stricter EPA on pollution and incentives to migrate to cleaner power. Just do nothing. You please the money that owns you by not following the agreement, and you don't piss off the other side by your actions. That would be perfectly fine...except reason number three.
I was livid, even more so when my home of Pittsburgh was called out in his soundbyte. We didn't vote for him. We're working on being greener. And furthermore, the agreement didn't have to do with the citizens of Paris OR Pittsburgh...it had to do with EVERYONE.
So I didn't want to get political, but Doors In The Labyrinth is all about my emotional journey. It's about communicating things that I feel strongly about, in the hopes that others who feel the same way can connect. I hope you enjoy the song, and I'm sorry I had to write it.

Protecting the environment and reducing (and if possible one day reversing) climate change should not be a political issue. It only is because there is too much money in politics.


Lonely streetlamp
Illuminates his face
He waits because it is the right thing to do
Footsteps echoing
Drowned out by the pistol's ring
The architect of hate
watches as he falls

One death in Paris as the skies slowly decay
One body bleeding as the other walks away
One death in Paris, one hope betrayed
Is this the point of no return?

He didn't have solutions
But he'd mitigate extinction
Now he lies bleeding out, sacrificed to greed
No insipid catchphrase
Can describe the outrage
The laughter of the architect cuts deep

The architect stands alone
He doesn't see the flames
Salvation squandered on a lie
Sirens wail, he is lost
In his reflection
He counts his fortune while the voices scream


released June 12, 2017
all sounds and voices by josh
Recorded at Asocial Studios, June 2017
Art by Jess Świtalska

no thanks to an irresponsible and isolationist administration



all rights reserved



Doors In The Labyrinth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

postgoth/darkwave from Pittsburgh

Doors In The Labyrinth is the work of josh loughrey, seeking to bring his past experiences (noise, folk, ambient, film scores, synthpop, techno) together to create dark narrative songs.

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