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In The Shadow Of The Monolith

by Doors In The Labyrinth

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Caldera 05:32
Dominance displayed through the use of monuments Naming guysers as if they could be owned But names can't contain the pressure deep inside It is not safe, it is not theirs Millions of years and millions of hearts Gather strength in the caldera Feel the quakes of the chaos beneath Fear the anger of the earth It's just a matter of time There's no escaping the eruption We'll fill the skies with rock and dust and ash and they will choke on our rage
Dead Stars 04:29
The night sky seems immutable, but the stars that we see Could have died before we knew their light If a supernova tore apart the center of the galaxy we wouldn't know for thousands of years Wish upon a star That might be already gone But it didn't die alone We're just to far away to know When our sun finally fades away It's light will still be seen
God's Love 05:57
Reward the good behaviour And threaten those who stray Take your flock and pen them in Shun those who'd betray Teach fear as virtue Let them choose their chains Questionining is heresy Teach that doubt profanes God loves his children As long as they behave God loves his children But the preacher loves his slaves Morality through reason Is now your enemy Keep the blinders locked in place Mistrust is blasphemy Use ecstatic ritual To breed complacency Assure them they know right from wrong Through your solemnity God loves his children As long as they behave God loves his children But the preacher loves his slaves
a plague of rumor spreading on a freezing autumn night The carnival is coming into town The howl of wheels on rails like a banshee's cry but the dawn transforms it to a siren's song How long will it stay? Will we see everything? The train brings promises, pleasures of the past By the pricking of my thumbs The smell of cotton candy and the laughter of the crowd But sickly sweet with a hint of decay All the faces grin a little bit too wide And everybody seems to know my name Why are the shadows Darker than before If we're willing to compromise the principles we have We'll find our deepest desires It's clear the carnival has no plans to depart We're giving it everything it needs Once we bend a little, it will demand the rest Imprisoned by our avarice and greed It is up to us To break this curse One way or another if we're to get through this We'll leave our childhood behind
These woods are dark And filled with spirits Restless and aching Watching for fools that stray Stay by my side Don't leave the path These woods are cold And filled with goblins Ravenous and clever Telling lies to make you stray Stay by my side Don't leave the path We'll keep each other safe or Be bound here forever
War of attrition Cruelty by design A battle waged to demoralize Resistance was met More than they could expect The cost would be paid by both sides Bodies have been scattered With chemical decay Transforming beauty to a no man's land The ossuary holds Thousands of the lost Drifting ember dreams and names long gone Sometimes it seems These scars will never heal The war is done but the ghosts remain Towns destroyed Not to be rebuilt But in those fallow fields, nature thrives
Stolen Child 04:23
I'll promise you forever if you take my hand Come with me to the realms beyond Leave sorrows behind The world is full of weeping But the universe is vast In the lands of the summer sun You will finally find a home They'll never know you've gone These sticks and leaves will take your place When autumn fades and the changeling falls apart You'll be beyond their reach The world is full of weeping But the universe is vast In the lands of the summer sun You will finally find a home
Surrounded by beauty Fascination at every turn Images to inspire Emotional sincereity Maybe that had set the stage But something in me had aligned And the moment that I saw it I stood there in disbelief The Glass Key Stands atop the mountain Absent of thought - the absolute Evoking mystery Did I envy the isolation Or the resolve I saw in stone? This image concealing nothing Reflected something inside Something I had no words for Something I didn't know was there Something beyond all conceptions Stillness and purity The Glass Key Stands atop the mountain Absent of thought - the absolute Evoking mystery
Sapphire 06:04
They came to us in holy robes Sapphire as the sky They told us that their gods would keep us safe Don't question the means The price will be paid by enemies We struck a deal, they bared a knife An altar made of stone What cost a little blood for peace of mind? The lives of our enemies Were an offering to appease the gods The outsiders bled, our walls were strong But then they turned their eye Started finding enemies within Insatiable were the gods But we willfully let them through the gate Sapphire robes won't hide the stains But that was never their intent
The Monolith 07:12
The monolith towers over Its shadow touches all An ever present sentinel With an unknown purpose Obsession circles round the monolith Can its mysteries be known? Can anyone make the journey? The monolith silently waits It draws in hearts and minds Becomes all that they desire Harvesting ambition Consuming fragile souls The monolith becomes a need No escape from the reminder Ready to sacrifice everything Just to understand As you approach the monolith It slowly loses form No edges to distinguish Swallowing horizons You wonder why you came If this is all that you could see Your bones will join the others At the base of the monolith It was all worthwhile


Blending synth-laden darkwave with heavy post-rock and drone structures, the full-length debut from Pittsburgh's Doors In The Labyrinth creates dark narratives reflecting the times we live in.

The songs reference Bradbury, Yeats and Magritte, folklore and frustration, obsession, violence and redemption. The songs are diverse, exploring every aspect of what can be done with drones, somewhere between rock and cinematic structures. Guitars and electronics, even acoustic flourishes including harp, cello and dulcimer serve to create a dynamic soundscape underneath the layered vocals. A deeply personal album, and a sign of things to come.


released March 15, 2021

All sounds and voices by josh
Recorded at Asocial Studios 2020

Cover art "Pellucid" by IrishRyGirl



all rights reserved



Doors In The Labyrinth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

postgoth/darkwave from Pittsburgh

Doors In The Labyrinth is the work of josh loughrey, seeking to bring his past experiences (noise, folk, ambient, film scores, synthpop, techno) together to create dark narrative songs.

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